This is a grassroots organization and we are all volunteers. Nothing would be accomplished without the help of individuals like yourself who donate time and effort on a variety of projects and tasks. Whether you have only a couple hours to spare or want an ongoing commitment, we can put you to work!
To talk with a member of the Steering Committee about volunteering, call 323-860-5837 (leave message) or email labitaskforce@yahoo.com. If you do not hear back right away, please forgive us and understand we are all busy. An easy way to reach us is through our Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/LABTF/
The LABTF Steering Committee meets at LA Gay & Lesbian Center’s The Village at Ed Gould Plaza on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. If you’re seriously interested in joining our leadership team, you’re welcome to visit and check us out. However, we ask that you alert us in advance that you’re coming.
Examples of volunteer tasks:
  • design a flyer, button, poster, banner, etc.
  • write an article for our blog
  • photograph or videotape one of our events
  • perform a skit/stand-up or play music for a talent show
  • speak to college students and community groups about being bisexual
  • staff our table at an event such as the Pride festival
  • donate snacks and beverages for events
  • distribute flyers among bi-friendly groups and venues
  • organize a fundraiser and/or approach donors
  • write a grant proposal
  • bookkeeping: keep our financial records in order
  • serve on our first Board of Directors (coming soon)
  • donate office space for a real bi resource center
  • YOUR special skill, whatever it is!


  1. as i have been active in numerous groups, mainly in political actions, i am willing to volunteer as needed. i have scheduled the next meeting on my calendar, and would be more than willing to meet with someone from the task force itself.

  2. Proud to be bi! Would like more info on volunteering. Thanks!

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